Call Out The Guard!

Call Out The Guard! Tells the story of the modern day National Guard, one of the largest, most powerful military organizations in the world today. During the last four decades, it has evolved to become a prominent feature of everyday American life. This has been nothing less than an unprecedented transformation of a national institution dating back to 1636.
The Guard occupies a unique place in the American military establishment because of its constitutionally defined Article I, Section 8 dual role; as a rapid-response force to domestic disasters and emergencies when called out by the state governors; as a war-fighter when mobilized by the President during times of conflict. Moreover, under the historic Total Force Policy, the Guard is heavily relied upon by the active duty military in missions and exercises around the globe.
The modern history of this spectacular evolution followed the rise of John Conaway, from cadet to three-star general, from ROTC platoon leader to the commander of a half-a-million member force. As a witness and participant in the Guard's remarkable development, he is ideally situated to tell this story.

During his career, General Conaway was a visible and impassioned advocate for the Guard, a frequent visitor to communities across the nation in which the Guard was called out to assist with emergencies.

The National Guard is one of the most cohesive institutions in the country, with a vast physical presence of 4,600 Guard units woven into the social fabric of 3,400 cities and towns across America, with Guard members typically serving as civic and political leaders in their communities.

This book is the story of today's National Guard, America's community-based defense force. A familiar face to residents of rural and urban America, the Guard also provides the active military with the added punch and support needed to operate, fight and win anywhere in the world.

Call Out The Guard! is the definitive work on the prominent and indispensable American institution.

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